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Notebook review- MatrikaS Signature Premium notebook

The bullet journal community is quite prevalent in India. Yet, we have so few options for a premium quality bujo! It’s quite frustrating to look for the notebook that’s just right for you when the choices are so slim.
But lately, there has been a burst of options in the Indian bujo market (Hurrah!!). A few of these (that I’m aware of) are from the brands- Factor Notes, Vinci Stationery, and MatrikaS Stationery. I’m yet to try all of the options, but, I hope to do a detailed review of each one of them when I get a chance. As of now, I’ve been using the MatrikaS Signature Premium notebook for over 4 months, and here’s my verdict!

Earlier this year, at the peak of the pandemic, I was in dire need of starting a new bullet journal. But with the restrictions in place at the time, none of the online shopping platforms were delivering anything!

Thus began my hunt for alternate websites to order from, and as I hunted all over the internet, I stumbled upon the Bigger Dreams Co. website. Started by a fellow bullet journal lover, this website had everything I was looking for, from dot grid notebooks, to brush pens and even washi tapes! Definitely, a bullet journal dream come true!

At the time, they had the Leuchtturm1917 (Rs. 1599) and the Archer & Olive notebooks (Rs. 2590), both classic choices for a great bullet journal.

As my mind tossed between these options, the latest MatrikaS dot grid notebook (Rs. 495), the MatrikaS Signature Premium launched. And of course, I just HAD to get it, mainly ‘coz the price was waaayy lower. You can literally get 3 of this (and still have money to spare) for the price of 1 Leuchtturm1917!!

I ordered the MatrikaS Signature Premium at the peak of the lockdown, and yet, the folks at Bigger Dreams Co. were efficient enough to ship it immediately. I received it within 10 days, during a time when even Amazon wasn’t open for shipping.

MatrikaS is an Indian brand specializing in premium stationery. They have a wide range of notebooks at great prices and are all easily available online. Feel free to compare all of the options to find the one that works for you! Personally, I think the Signature Premium dot grid notebook is quite perfect to be used as a bullet journal, as it has a lot of great features for just Rs. 495.

The MatrikaS Signature Premium notebook has a plain, smooth-textured hardbound cover. The book itself looks quite sophisticated- with absolutely no design on the exterior, except for the embossed logo at the back. It also has a matching elastic band, to keep my notebook closed while not in use.

For a detailed flip-through of the MatrikaS Signature Premium notebook, watch this video:

The book is available in A5 size, with 100 gsm paper. The thick paper is of excellent quality that can withstand most inks with minimal to no bleeding. The paper is of natural shade, making it quite easy on the eyes.

If you’re interested to know how various pens perform on this paper, I’ve done an entire video and blog post on it, so check that out as well!!

The MatrikaS Signature Premium dot grid notebook comes with 224 pages, of which 216 pages have a dot grid of 0.5cm spacing. The dot grid sheets have 24 spaces by width and 35 spaces by length, giving ample space for creating multiple sections in the bullet journal spreads. The pages are also numbered, which has been really useful in indexing.

Apart from these, the MatrikaS Signature Premium dot grid notebook also has 3 index sheets and 4 collection pages for contacts, places to visit, and books to read. I didn’t really have any need for the collection pages, but they’re still quite good to have.

And guess what? There are sticker sheets as well! The MatrikaS Signature Premium dot grid notebook comes with 4 sticker sheets with loads of stickers to help with planning and journalling. Here’s a little peek to some of these adorable stickers! I absolutely LOVE the cute little owl.

Yes, I do have a lot more stickers with me. And the book comes with a built-in expandable pocket to store all of it! That’s a great place to keep a small horde of stickers and washi strips.

The MatrikaS Signature Premium dot grid notebook also comes with 3 satin bookmarks and an elastic pen holder. These are quite important for when you’d need to carry your bujo around, but frankly, where are we even going these days! (sigh, I miss the pre-rona times)

Overall, the MatrikaS Signature Premium dot grid notebook is of great value for money. At the price of just Rs. 495, it has excellent quality paper and a whole bunch of extra features that you won’t find elsewhere.

P.S.: I’ll be reviewing more potential bujo options available in India, as and when I get my hands on them. Lots of Indian as well as imported ones. So stay tuned for more useful blog posts!

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